​The Property Conference Center

Joe Garcia

Banquet Captain

Jose (Joe) started with The Property as a young man in High School while his Grandmother Linda Garcia still worked cooking and prepping.  He started as a busser and through his dedication and very hard work he has earned his place as Banquet Captain.  Joe makes it his personal goal to ensure that every guest is treated with respect and has all of their needs are taken care of.  Joe makes sure that all requests are handled professionally and quickly so only the Host knows that a change was made. 

Presentation Caterers

Russell Stephenson

Event Coordinator

A passion for decorating and a love of the lime light led Russell to fall into his dream job.  Having left Sedona where he worked for the Versace family in an upscale Restaurant he came back to his hometown in 1993 where he started with BeDillon's Restaurant as a waiter.  He spent a couple of years with BeDillon's before leaving for Denver to find himself only to return HOME.  The Property was the perfect fit upon his return and has enjoyed working with Mike, Nancy and Chef Mike ever since.  Attention to décor detail and excellent customer service make collaborating with Russell something you will want to do for all of your Special Events.

Michael Ramos

Executive Chef

Growing up Chef Mike would help his mother in the kitchen eventually taking over as head cook for the family, preparing new and exciting food for them to experience.  After starting with BeDillon's Chef Mike went on to spend some time at Ocotillo Golf Resort finally returning to Casa Grande and starting back with BeDillon's and The Property as Executive Chef.  His passion for food and what he does appears in each dish.  Care and thought are put into each menu he creates leaving your guests with a memory of your event that they will want to experience again at BeDillon's Restaurant and Cactus Garden.

Michael and

Nancy Jackson


Michael purchased "The Property located at 1251 W. Gila Bend HWY" in 1974.  The paperwork read just that and thus the name became 'The Property' upon marring Nancy a few years later Michael moved out of the old house and they began working to make the facility a dining experience for Casa Grande.  Work had been started and the kitchen added before Michael had acquired the house, so, with work done by themselves and friends and only a few hundred dollars between them they opened in 1983.  Great success followed through the years and has led toBeDillon's Cactus Garden and Restaurant and The Property to change from a full scale restaurant to a Conference and Banquet Facility.